As nephrologists, our mission is to slow down progression of kidney disease by various means, including dietary modifications, and medication adjustments.  Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, some of our patients progress to end stage kidney disease.  The best way to avoid complications as kidney function worsens is for close follow up, evaluation at transplant centers, and if needed preparation for dialysis.

Our goal during this process, is to be your partner in providing comprehensive education of kidney disease, as well transplant options and modalities of dialysis, and to be there to answer all your questions.  We also have a strong working relationship with local access surgeons and transplant nephrologists in the surrounding community.   We want to be by your side in making a smooth transition to pre-emptive transplant or dialysis at the appropriate time.

In regards to dialysis, we have a strong presence in Burlington County and see patients at multiple locations.  We are medical directors at six hemodialysis dialysis units and are providers at an additional three hemodialysis units in the area.  We also have the largest population of home dialysis patients in South Jersey.